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Azureus is a client that uses the BitTorrent protocol that supports the. Torrent. It has many features and offers simplified downloading of multiple files simultaneously . To ensure maximum transparency , Azureus limit transfer speeds (sending and receiving ) depending on the available connection, which allows you to surf more fluid on the Internet while performing downloads .

Azureus provides detailed information on the stream that is being downloaded and displays a list of information sources . Statistics on the activities and cache options are available in the software. Azureus also features an IRC client in order to communicate with other users. Many configurations are possible: the transfer rules , interface, filters , queuing , sharing and more. Azureus also has an assistant present to guide the user step by step through the configuration. Finally, it is also possible to create your own files. Torrent and manage plug- ins.

Azureus also features an integrated search engine to search for video files posted by users of the software. Always will be a community software Azureus allows everyone to have a list of friends to chat with them. But this feature does not stop there. In fact, having friends can boost its downloads sharing files being downloaded . Thus, there are more friends in the list, the more it is possible to accelerate the download.

Note that Azureus now called Vuze , do not hesitate to discover on our site.

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Shareaza is a completely free peer to peer software that allows you to download all types of documents or files found on peer -to-peer 's most famous .

Shareaza the ability to connect more than 4 peer to peer networks simultaneously, it allows you to search and download information from millions of users log on EDonkey 2000 , Gnutella , BitTorrent and Gnutella2 networks.

The practical side was clearly improved , you have the ability to search multiple files at once with the new tab system , when you search for a document , a new tab opens and will not remove your last search. It is also possible to get a preview documents using the media player included in the program (movie , music, pictures) or get comments from other users to be on the right to download the document.

Shareaza is also completely customizable, you can choose the interface for you to make your navigation more fun , you can also chat with other Shareaza users to share your comments or share more documents directly .

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iMesh is a peer to peer virtual community online where members can search and download digital media and other audio, video , games, software, documents ...

This new version brings a new interface and the ability to take your music with you with " iMesh Togo ." With the software, you can also browse user profiles and see their photos and all their music. iMesh offers other seamless compatibility with your iPod allows you to listen to a selection of a DJ favorite artists and also gives you the opportunity to discover the artists of tomorrow and the least popular songs from your favorite artists .

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Ares Galaxy is a Peer to Peer Software (P2P) which allows you to share images, documents, software, audio and video files as also offers the popular Limewire ... This software is open source , contains no spyware and features simple to handle as many features interface.

The Ares interface is very similar to Windows Media Player , which is why users will not hurt to become familiar with the application.
It is possible to filter its search engine in order to have the best chance of getting the right file. Besides the fact that it is possible to exchange files , Ares Galaxy has an audio and video player , which allows you to view files being downloaded to ensure not having a fake ( a fake file). To further open to the community, Ares Galaxy has a chat room where you can chat with other users.

In this new version , we can see a little more interesting , support for BitTorrent protocol and shoutcasts (radio stations).

On its use , run the installation software . Once it is completed , Ares launches and asks you to choose a Username . This is only a formality, but it is in this area that you can also make some adjustments and settings of the software: transfer , discussion, networking , skin , sharing and more . Thereafter , go to the area of "Research" and select the keywords of the desired file and class. Multiple searches are ranked by tabs. To download a file , double click it and follow the simple download from the region "Transfer" .

Download Ares Galaxy

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